The colloquium will be taking place on Friday, March 5 and Saturday, March 6. Friday will feature panels from the cancelled 2020 BHPC colloquium, Ghostly Voices, and Saturday will feature panels from this year’s theme, The Book Out of Order.

You can find this year’s full schedule below. (Speakers’ bios and paper scripts are also linked in the schedule below.) Times are in EST.

MORNING:  Friday, March 5, 2021

9:00am – 9:30amRegistration 
9:30am – 9:40am Opening Remarks  (Alan Galey, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Information, Director of Collaborative Specialization in Book History & Print Culture, University of Toronto)
9:40am – 10:45amGhostly Origin Stories
Aidan Selmer, “Psalms Behind Closed Doors: Courtly Forms in George Sandys’s Psalter” (presentation notes)
Veronica Litt, “Rousseau’s British Readers and the Julie (1760) Controversy” (presentation slides)
Peter Sproule, “The Bookplate as Portrait: Dora Carrington’s ex libris for Lytton Strachey”
10:45am – 11:00amCoffee Break
11:00am – 11:50amDisappearing Footprints: Remediations and Reconstructions 
Eva Plesnik, “The Origins and Context of an Early Fifteenth-Century Llullian Manuscript”
Christopher Long,‘Madame Von Koerber found dead. Can we bury her.’: Death and Absence in the Archival Record”
11:50am – 12:45pmLunch Break

AFTERNOON: Friday, March 5, 2021

12:45pm – 1:50pmBehind the Veil: Interventions and Alternatives
Nikita Kuzmin, “Who Were the Translators of Buddhist Texts in Western Xia? Case Study of Tangut Colophons”
Mathieu D.S. Bouchard,  “Jacob Tonson’s Ghost Editor and the Early Modern Canon” (presentation slides)
Ellen Michelle, “Accessibility in Canadian Indie Trade Publishing”
1:50pm – 2:00pmClosing Remarks 

MORNING: Saturday, March 6, 2021

9:00pm – 9:30pmRegistration
9:30pm – 9:40pm Opening Remarks  (Alan Galey, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Information, Director of Collaborative Specialization in Book History & Print Culture, University of Toronto)
9:40pm – 9:50pmIntroduction to Order (Shaun Midanik, PhD Candidate, Department of Art History, University of Toronto)
9:50pm – 10:40pm Organizing the Book: Catalogues and Indices
Yi Shan,Cataloging Rubbings and Assembling Histories: The Publication of Jinshi Catalogues in the Late Eighteenth-Century Qing Empire
Riley Hanick, “Diana Kingsley, Tan Lin, and the Double-Jointed Index
10:40pm – 11:10pmCoffee Break
11:10pm – 12:15pmInterpreting the Book: Politics of the Page 
Neha Khurana, “Cartooning Through the Emergency: The Case of Abu in India’s Emergency” 
Rachel Windsor, “‘My Experience Belongs to You’: Trauma and Material Intimacies in Riot Grrrl Zine Culture”
Ruth Annaliese Holmes, “‘[B]ustle and confusion, where else would be order and regularity’: Disordering the Narrative of Richardson’s Sir Charles Grandison
12:15pm – 1:05pmLunch Break

AFTERNOON: Saturday, March 6, 2021

1:05pm – 2:05pm Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jessica Lockhart, Head of Research, Old Books New Science Lab at the University of Toronto
2:05pm – 2:20pm Coffee Break
2:20pm – 3:25pmEncountering the Book: Reading and Display 
Leora Bromberg, “Resisting Linear Form: Sterne and Phillips with ‘nothing between them but / time’” (presentation slides)
Christopher Patton, “A Mostly Empty Interpretive Wonderland: Reading Robert Grenier’s Sentences.”
Susana Sanchez-Gonzalez, “Unyielding Books: The Poetics of Displaying Books in Subversive Ways”
3:25pm – 3:40pmCoffee Break
3:40pm – 4:30pmPicturing the Book: Aesthetics of Reading
Victoria Rahbar, “A Printed Mess: Early Manga Publishing in North America” (presentation slides)
Shikha Singh,Interrogating the Liminality of the Objecthood of the Visual Books by Tara Books
4:30pm – 4:40pmClosing Remarks